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Sample Letters for Child Custody

Here at we have many books dedicated to help parents win their child custody case and one of our most unique ones is our Sample Letters for Child Custody.

As you can tell from the title this book is made up entirely of letters written by children to the judge. These letters are actual letters written by children and have been saved over the years and have now been published it this book. These letters will help you to understand from your child's perspective, how their child custody battle is affecting them.

These sample letters for child custody will help you compose a strategy to win you're your child custody without harming your child. You will find a truthful letter written from your child is more impactful that you would know. Really a child custody case has everything do with your children and their happiness and wellbeing.

Below are some sample letters for child custody of the letters that our found in our Dear Judge book.

Dear Judge,
How are you? I am fine. I hope your weather is fine. My weather is fine.

I have some questions I would like to ask you. When animals get a divorce do they go to you or a special animal judge like the animal doctor? When you marry people does God let you be a Pastor for that day? Who grades your papers? And what happens if you make a mistake? When your Mother introduces you to people does she day this my son Your Honor?

Your friend,

Dear Judge,

I really need some help. When I spend the weekends with my dad we always have a great time. Sometimes we do big stuff that costs a lot of money and sometimes we just fish, work on a car or hang out together.

When dad drops me off at my mom's, in front of him, she always asks if I had a good time. If I say, yes or we had a great time she gets mad and stays that for a bunch of days. So I have to just say, It was ok.

If my dad hears me say that it was just ok he looks hurt. I asked mom why she gets mad. She said it's because dad only does this stuff with me to make her look bad and try to get custody of me because she can't afford to compete.

Dad says he isn't trying to change custody because his job will never let him be home with me as much as mom can be. Dad and I both think I am in the best place I can be except for mom's attitude.

I can't even tell mom when I am looking forward to my time with dad. I love my mom and want to be able to love my dad without feeling guilty. What can I do.

Sincerely yours,
Richard G.

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